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Colonel Tarver Hancock
Colonel Tarver Hancock
AQHA 3371554
1995 smoky blue roan
16.2 hh 1500 lbs
16.4% Hancock
Colonel Tarver Hancock is one of only a few breeding grandsons of Salty Roan. A son of Mr Roan Hancock, Col Tarver is a full and paternal brother to a number of quality stallions who have headlined the breeding programs of several prominent Hancock breeders in the USA.
Blue Centinal
Blue Centinal AQHA 5198958
2009 blue roan, 15.3 hh 1400 lbs
18.36% Hancock
Blue Centinal is a son of Gary Tarvers Plenty Coup Hancock and out of his good mare Peach Tarver Hancock. He is very willing and has a great disposition, which he passes down to his foals.
Tuf Silver Hancock 2015
Tuf Silver Hancock
AQHA 5041838
2007 blue (brown-based) roan
sire: War Conchos Drifter
dam: Ms Beauty Hancock

Plenty Coup Hancock
reference stallion:
Plenty Coup Hancock

1994 blue roan, 15.3hh
Tarver Hancocks
northern Wyoming
War Conchos Drifter
reference stallion:
War Conchos Drifter

1987 dun, 15.2 hh
Tuf Hancock Horses
British Columbia
Mr Roan Hancock
reference stallion:
Mr Roan Hancock

1980 blue roan, 15.3 hh
Tarver Hancocks
Gary Tarver leased Mr Roan Hancock to the Broken Bones Ranch one year, and that breeding began their esteemed program.

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